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Our Forestry Policy

All our products that have wood components, are legally produced and the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.


We are members of the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, since a decade and strive for that at least 90 % of all woods used in our products are FSC certified. Remaining wood to come from FSC controlled forests or from legal plantations, established before 1994, if located where an indigenous forest has been converted.


Exceptions for species are:

·    Hevea Brasiliensis as it is planted for latex and not for its wood. There is no FSC certified Forest in this World.

·    Walnut as it is planted for its nuts and not for its wood. Very few FSC certified plantations in this World. Mostly only in the USA with the walnut Juglans Nigra, being the most expensive to use.

·    Senna Siamea as it mostly is used as a shade tree around plantations of cocoa, coffee and more and not for its wood.


On the legality of wood used, we strictly follow the European Timber Regulation EUTR and the Lacey Act.


We proactively monitor and store all documents like harvest licenses, transport licenses, certification and traceability at our subcontractors, in our archives, in order to assure conformance to this policy and to be able to prove conformity in an instance, for whatever product we sold.


We delivered products from sustainable, certified and renewable sources for decades, while others are making action plans towards it.